You have been approached to do freelance blogging. Your assumption is that the blog will be part of your client's social and behavioral marketing. However, many clients don't perceive blogs to be as pivotal to their messaging as are other types of marketing collateral. Rather, the client's assumption may be that they need a blog because everyone else has one. If you've lived this scenario, be prepared to educate your client on what a quality blog post looks like.

A quality blog post is a personal conversation with each reader:
  • The headline needs to grab the reader's attention.
  • The blog post needs to be compelling. You want to build creditability with the reader. You need the reader to feel as if you "get it." It's almost like writing a letter to a friend. The friend must believe that you understand his concerns before you can win his trust.
  • The blogger must be attuned to the perceived needs of the client's target audience--of how people think, perceive, feel, decide and act. (John Deighton @HarvardBiz)

Writing a quality blog post means that you must have basic knowledge about your client's product or service, as well as the distinguishing aspects of the product or service. You may need to speak to members of your client's staff to become educated. While the blog may be completely objective and educational in nature, it must align with your client's external-facing culture.

What you charge depends on the answers to the following questions:



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    January 2013